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Floating Wasteland

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 長夜微光 (by SkyEcho Games)

“The boundless world, who will control the ups and downs”
Among the magnificent mountains and rivers of the Nine Regions tribe, the “Floating Wasteland” that had been missing for twenty years reappeared and fell into the hands of a young man.
The illusion of peace was broken again, and undercurrents surged under the curtain of endless night. In order to find the secret behind “Floating Wasteland”, the young man resolutely left the tribe to explore the mysteries of the world.
The millennium is approaching, whether to be or not is waiting for the boy’s answer. The light flickers, what will happen in the future, and who will control the destiny?
Maybe you are the ray of light tearing through the darkness in the long night!

Five races of demon spirits bond together
Holding “Floating Desolation Records”, he made contracts with demon spirits of various races. Numerous races of alien beasts, exquisite painting styles, rich biographies, freely create a fantasy world that you have never imagined!


New War Chess, ever-changing experience
New gameplay of war chess, fighting anytime, anywhere. Just tap the war chess grid, and the offensive and defensive skills and positioning can be completed with one click. In addition, the game has built-in a lot of easter eggs on the character map, and rich random events make each character come alive.


Multiple restraints, clever hands to break the game
Brain-burning strategy, instant change. A variety of occupations, multiple attributes, and restraint systems are ever-changing. In the face of different camp collocations, change the combat strategy in real time in order to win the final victory


Immersive experience of empathy with demons and gods
The vast land is full of races. Under the grand view of the world, the bonds between thousands of demon gods are all exciting. If you are tired during the journey, you might as well camp and stop to listen to the stories of the demon gods.

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO


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