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Breaking Dead

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Breaking Dead (by Serenity Land)

When a zombification virus broke out, Chris was forced to flee with his sister, Emma, and their dog Beethoven as they lost contact with their parents.

On a journey to stay alive, they try to escape from hordes of infected and break into an abandoned base out of despair.

Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with unique Match-3 levels, mysterious territories, and bountiful rewards! Unravel the conspiracy behind the apocalyptic virus and cultivate a new future for humanity in this zombie-riddled world.


Arm yourself with agile strategies and clever maneuvers to face thousands of Match-3 levels and puzzles. Unlock new areas to discover unique gameplay. Hone your abilities and get ready to fight like never before!

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Solve puzzles to open treasure chests and win abundant rewards. Unlock powerful boosters to step up your game. You won’t be able to stop playing!

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Match tiles to defeat the rising dead and unlock various power-ups and challenging levels. Your puzzle-solving skill will determine your fate!

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Assemble powerful survivors to fight against the brutal hordes of enemies threatening your existence. Recruit, strengthen and deploy your survivors to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield and emerge victorious.

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Construct, rebuild and repair to take back the fallen base step by step. Research and develop technologies to restore the prosperity and former glory of mankind!

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