BTS Island: In the SEOM

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of BTS Island: In the SEOM (by HYBE IM Co., Ltd.)

Mobile Game from the Popular Korean Boy Band BTS

Come over and take a break for a while.
An island created for healing and relaxation -BTS Island: In the SEOM

From the title In the SEOM, logo, and character design, down to the soundtrack – they are all gifts from BTS for ARMY! Lots of little details of the game were shaped by the BTS members to make it all the more enjoyable!

BTS Island: In the SEOM

Puzzles with BTS and BTS BOMBS! Make memories with BTS as you break the puzzle pieces! Thrilling puzzles that were co-created by BTS members! Use special BTS Bombs that feature BTS characters when you get stuck!

Find BTS’ stories In the SEOM! Thoughtful and selfless leader RM, happy-go-lucky oldest hyung Jin, full of positive entergy j-hope, cool and laid back SUGA, warm and sweet Jimin, goofy and charming V, good-at-everything Jung Kook, In the SEOM characters perfectly reflect the delightful personalities of BTS!

BTS Island: In the SEOM

Decorate your own island, BTS Island: In the SEOM! Decorate your own BTS Island using different themed items! Go fish, swim, play ping pong, box and light up fireworks! Enjoy adorable scenarios with Today’s Missions, and receive plenty of rewards! You’ll never have a moment to be bored living In the SEOM!

Only in BTS Island: In the SEOM! See exclusive BTS photos in the In the SEOM Photo Album and listen to SUGA’s original soundtrack! Don’t miss the easter eggs hand-drawn by the members!

BTS Island: In the SEOM

“SEOM” in In the SEOM means “island” in Korean!
Come and relax on the blissful BTS Island: In the SEOM!

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BTS Island: In the SEOM

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