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Buddy Arena – NFT

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Buddy Arena – NFT (by Affyn Official)

A fast-paced MOBA game that hides a world of depth and strategy beneath its surface. Your choice of buddies (characters), weapons, and abilities is so critical for the thrilling and intense 2-3 min battles.

Buddy Arena - NFT

Rank up, unlock and level up a variety of weapons, ultimates and buddies, each with their unique ability and stats. Secure victories to unlock unique skins for accessorizing and to stand out!

Buddy Arena - NFT

Every matchmake will be random with a mix of Free For All (solo), 2v2 and 3v3 game modes, which will take place on a randomly selected map.
Party Play: Form a party with up to 2 other friends to battle other teams together.
Custom match: Have fun exploring different maps or game modes and play with your friends.

Buddy Arena - NFT

Clock your matches, climb the ranks, and earn rank points to obtain the highly coveted Nexium Rank! Show off your Nexium League rank to those who are about to face you. New rewards every season.

Buddy Arena - NFT

Grow your family of buddies and upgrade their abilities as they are your trusty in-game aides. Collect and dress them up with unique skins!

Customize your Avvies attire and your profile name card and show how you shine. Express yourself with our comms wheel by using quick messages, sprays, emotes and gestures. Show others how you rule!

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Buddy Arena - NFT

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