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Car Chasing

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The description of Car Chasing

Evade the police. Pickup your boys. Test your driving skills in a series of challenging levels.

Car Chasing

Your boys are in trouble and only you can save them. As the getaway driver, you have to evade the police while picking up your fellow bank robbers.

Twist and turn, dodge and weave, skillfully evade the cops and watch them collide and explode into coins.

Car Chasing

Every five levels you’ll also participate in a bonus level where your driving skills are put to the test, as you control your car and collect a mass of coins. With your collected coins, you can purchase new cars in the shop.

Car Chasing

Throughout the different levels you’ll also collect hearts to increase your health and prevent your car from exploding.

Addictive, fast-paced gameplay.

Simple, responsive controls for smooth, satisfying gameplay experience.

Collect coins as rewards throughout various levels. Use the coins to purchase cars in the shop.

Game saves your progress so you can pick up right where you left off.

Car Chasing
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