Celestial M: Martial Arts MMORPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 천혼M: 무협 MMORPG (by CJ EAST ASIA)

A splendid battle to rise to the realm of martial arts begins.
A world of martial arts with a movie-like story and high-quality high-definition
360 degree freedom to fly around the martial arts world
Break through the 5 major jobs and the 9th job change
Gorgeous weapons, various mounts, free trade in weapons, hot PK of the guild

5 major occupations
Top 5 charismatic jobs
Redefining the world of martial arts with the 9th job change.

천혼M: 무협 MMORPG

brilliant battle
Martial Arts Masterpiece, Reproduce the World of the Old Heavenly Gods in High Definition HD 3D
You can feel the same experience as if you were the main character in the actual game with ‘Water Lily, Spirit Awakening, Yoma God, Inverse Heavenly Spirit, Geomjiseon Station’.

천혼M: 무협 MMORPG

fierce power battle
With strategic judgment and strong unity between powers,
A huge battlefield of true martial arts unfolds!

천혼M: 무협 MMORPG

equipment free trade
All high-quality equipment is dropped from each boss.
Equip the new role equipment and feel the power to transcend the gods.
There is an auction house that supports the free trade of all equipment, materials and props.

360 degree free flight
It can fly freely through the sky with its huge wings.
Huge Gon of the Red Huang, Haunted Treasures, World Treasure Collection, Many Types of Mounts and Companions

Official website https://chkr.firstmeetgames.com/

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

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