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Clash of plants

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Clash of plants (by GuruBox Studio)

Moveable maze war, flashing game elements battle with mutant plants.

Water resources are polluted, plants mutate, attack humans, heroes appear to save the world, heroes need to collect plant seeds to completely eliminate plants, a large number of mutated plants hinder them

Clash of plants

>Brand new turn-based form game, everytime player move the hero change all unit’s position, and every turn maze and plants shift or chase hero to attack, be ready to face the unknown danger.

>The maze wall may disappear the next seconds when they were probably stopping the harms from you last seconds. And be careful with black holes that eat no matter good and bad units, watch where you will stop when you move.

Clash of plants

>Don’t miss treasure box at the maze, there are many useful props and hero puzzles, once boxes fall into holes they disappear.

>More than 15 more super heroes, before you unlock them you need to collect hero puzzles, reasonably use different heroes to play helps you break through maze more quickly.

>Make good use of your hero skills, different hero different skills, you can also raise your favorite hero to fight with you.

Clash of plants
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