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Crystal of Atlan

Early access – Android – Test – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Crystal of Atlan (by Nuverse Games)

About Crystal of Atlan:
Atlan, a floating world where magic and technology coexist. After the second Magitek Revolution, magic became an important source of power that could be put in all places. Fuel for airships, bullets for weapons, and in the hands of the powerful.
And as a mysterious source of boundless magical energy, the Crystal of Atlan, makes its entrance, the city of adventurers becomes shrouded in conspiracy. Now, it’s your time, Adventurer. Enter the stage as you face countless challenges to purify the world, and write your own epic as the world’s greatest adventurer!
Are you ready?

Crystal of Atlan

Search for the truth behind the Crystal of Atlan, and experience a symphony of magic and machinery
Adventurers will make use of magitek weapons as they explore ancient ruins and hunt dangerous monsters. The Crystal of Atlan makes an appearance in the world once again, pulling Rhine City, the once-free city of adventurers, into a power struggle between the Empire, the Theocracy, and the Federation. As tides of Decayed surge towards humanity, adventurers shall bear the burden to cleanse the world and uncover the truth behind the Crystal of Atlan, the source of all energy in the world.

Crystal of Atlan

Dodge in mid-air and strike from all angles, take out enemies with precision and style
Take battles into the air as you dodge and strike mid-air, seamlessly switching between skills as you juggle enemies and dominate the battlefield with satisfying combat! Clear hits, impacts, animations, interactive scenes, and sound effects. All enhance the combat experience in tandem with the special effects. Feel the impact of every skill as the jaw-dropping effects fill your mind with excitement.

Crystal of Atlan

Equip over 10 skills and create your own combat style
4 basic classes, 8 distinct branches, and over 10 skills for every one of them. Get accustomed to the combat and stages and constantly improve your strategies and skill kit. Enjoy combat like never before as you seamlessly switch between skills. The dynamic camera further improves the stunning visuals, as you feel the impact of every landing hit accompanied by jaw-dropping special effects.

Crystal of Atlan

Form teams with other adventurers, challenge Group Dungeons for top-tier drops
You may walk a dangerous path, Adventurer, but you are not alone! Find trusty allies and form a powerful team with both strength and courage. Strategize to take on all kinds of challenges thrown your way. Challenge Abyss and Tempered Group Dungeons and quell the looming forces of evil as you unveil the truth hidden deep underground.

Crystal of Atlan

PC x Mobile Cross-play: Play anywhere, anytime.
With cross-play, you can enjoy the game whenever you prefer, as you seamlessly switch between PC and mobile. Here, you can enjoy landing combos on enemies with your mouse and keyboard, and explore the floating Magipunk world on your phone at any time.

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Available: Google Play – PH, SG, CA, etc…

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