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Cyberhero Legends

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cyberhero Legends (by Zeuk Games)

You are the last hope in this world overrun by cyber enemies. Use your energy sword and pistol to defeat all enemies in your path!

Cyberhero Legends
Cyberhero Legends
Cyberhero Legends
Cyberhero Legends

Main features:
– Gameplay with roguelike elements. Evolve your character with random and unique skills that will help you in each stage.
– Become more powerful with the help of chips that will give you special abilities.
– Collect electronic components to craft amazing equipment.
– Use companions to help you in battle. Companions can also go on expeditions and battle in arenas to bring you incredible rewards.
– Train your reflexes in mini-games and secure exclusive upgrades for your character.
– Test yourself in the feared hardcore mode!

Cyberhero Legends

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