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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Titanite (by LOOTER GAMES)

Join a daring recolonization mission alongside an array of towering AI titan robots, giant mechs and resilient survivors at the frontier to rebuild your homeland. Titanite provides a thrilling and immersive experience with its intense action, rich storyline and futuristic world filled with advanced AI technology, gears, weapons, vehicles, and a range of humanized AI enemies to conquer. Prepare to be transported to epic adventures and battles where you’ll encounter diverse AI robots that either are your fierce enemies or your loyal companion.


Be a mech collector!
Countless mechs, robots and machines are existing in the Titanite world. Conquer the giants and discover unknown species. Tame fierce robot pets and evolve them to bring on dangerous expeditions and dynamic mech arena battles with you.


Expansive open world with a variety of landscapes
Land in a cyberpunk era and explore a great number of different environments and maps where unlimited dangers are hidden. Enjoy breath-taking horizon and challenging terrains while encountering AI enemies in battles. Different locations may bring unexpected surprises. Find a best place for your base and make it home on this planet.


Innovative gears must be!
A wide selection of field equipments cannot be missed! Choose among different weapons, battle suits and robot pets to get ready for the war. You will find the best suitable war kit for your wardrobe after battle and shooting exercises.


Lead your team to victory!
Team up with friends and build your own alliance to defend your home. And win tournaments and league battle to show your power as a clan.

Available: Google Play – ID

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