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Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun – Official iOS

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun (by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Live out your dark fantasies in Game of Vampires, an epic and romantic RPG saga! Take Dracula’s castle, sit on the throne and rule over a secret kingdom filled with famous vampires, werewolves, and witches. Meet powerful and handsome immortals, fall in love with gorgeous beauties, raise your own vampire children, and clash with fairytale monsters! You are the lord of twilight… so what will you do in the shadows?


Discover Your Story
Touched by darkness, you find yourself in a world of gothic castles, stunning Lovers, and loyal Wardens… Fall in love! Lead your supernatural family! Discover the secrets of the legendary Dracula!

Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun

Lord or Lady
You are a king or queen, and Dracula’s heir to the throne: collect his vampire diaries, gather resources, fight monsters, gain fantastic titles, defeat your enemies, and expand your dominance! Masquerade as a mortal and charm new followers into joining your midnight kingdom!

Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun

Vampire’s Kiss
Explore your town and meet beautiful immortals, each with a unique personality! Seduce supernatural lovers, unlock special conversations, and invite them to your castle for a night of passionate romance!

Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun

Blood Legacy
As the world’s only living dhampir, half-human and half-vampire, your bloodline ends with you. Raise more children to increase your power! Marry them to friends across the world to expand your dark reach!

Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun

Collect Heroes
Your enemies are jealous of your position and power – find powerful allies to protect your town! Win the support of legendary vampires, werewolves, and witches, each uniquely able to protect you in your fight for dominance! Upgrade your favorites: the charming vampire, savage werewolf, or magical witch!

Coven of Darkness
Form a Coven with players around the world and raise your power and status in PvP competitions! Night has fallen… bare your fangs and conquer the world together!

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Available: Google Play RU, US, CA, etc…

Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun

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