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Zombisaurs Survival

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zombisaurs Survival (by Dawn Era Technology Co., Ltd.)

A hellish tide of zombies has engulfed the earth, plunging humanity into darkness!
Dinosaurs recreated with advanced cloning technology and infected by the zombie virus magnify the threat to hideous proportions!
Take up your weapon and face the endless horrors. Strike back with boldness, reclaiming our world and its shattered dreams!

Zombisaurs Survival
Zombisaurs Survival
Zombisaurs Survival

Game Highlights:
Swarms of monsters cover the screen. Fiendish dinosaurs and beasts tear up the battlefield!
One-handed gameplay, take on challenges with ease!
Seek out companions of various specialties and build your dream formation.
Various roguelike skill combos, katanas, shotguns, drones, and more await your selection.
Accumulate exp and various gears to amplify your team.

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