Darkest Tower Defense – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS($1.99)

The description of Darkest Tower Defense (by Farlands Studio)

The Darkest Tower Defense is an independent strategy game whose objective is to prevent the horde of the Soulless from reaching the Sainte Arche, the last bastion of humanity.

Darkest Tower Defense

For this, you must build defenses and position your troops on strategic locations in order to defend the paths of Terre-Croix. However your resources are limited and you will have to adapt your strategy according to the levels.

Darkest Tower Defense

Earn runes and spend them in a skill tree to expand your defense arsenal. Will you choose the path of Shadow or Light?

Darkest Tower Defense

You will not have to face only minor demons, demonic bosses with infernal capacities will come to foil your plans and only your heroes will allow you to turn the tide of the battle!

Darkest Tower Defense

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