Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

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The description of Defense Derby (by RisingWings)

Prepare for a defensive battle with heroes in the face of a menacing monster invasion!

Recruit units through a battle of wits!
Recruiting powerful units to fight against monsters is the basic among basics!
The one that offers the most resources out of four players will be able to hire a stronger mercenary.
Hire your mercenaries strategically by taking their races and attributes into consideration.
Your resources are limited, so avoid hiring mercenaries recklessly—you might not be able to get the one you really need.

Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

Form powerful deck placement strategies!
Placing and merging units of the same race and attribute can greatly increase their Attack Power.
It is possible to create a synergy powerful enough to turn the tides in your favor, so try creating your own winning deck.
Seek out the most powerful deck that can conquer your enemies by placing your archers, marksmen, and wizards appropriately.

Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

Defend your Castle and survive longer than anyone else!
Four players compete to defend their Castles against powerful monsters in the live multiplayer mode.
The user that defends their Castle the longest wins the war.
The victorious user will obtain more points.

Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

Play a variety of modes to prove your strength!
Prove your strength in Blitz Mode which has nearly 2,000 stages.
A boss appears every four stages. You can win by understanding monster groups and their weaknesses.
In Idle Mode which supports both online and offline play, you can earn better rewards the more you progress in Blitz.
Obtain the currency required to grow in Dungeon Mode where you can challenge the Mana Mine and the Ravine of Trials.
Mana Mine rewards you with the ingredients used in enchanting! / Ravine of Trials rewards you with the currency used to summon units!

Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

Enjoy the various methods of growth that are unique to Defense Derby!
Merge your units to increase their grades and imbue them with magic to make your own improved units.
Leveling up your Castle and towers allows you to increase their Life and upgrade their appearances.
Research the talent tree and strengthen the battle power of each race.
Get rid of the stress you usually get from grinding levels through the Army system.
You can either reset a card’s level or exchange levels with another card at the Altar of Return.

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Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

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