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Do Control Time

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Do Control Time (by PLAYTOZ Corp.)

You do not have enough time.
Your time goes differently from those of others.
Keep an eye on every moment and make it through with your optimal move.

Do Control Time!!
In the world of Do Control Time, time does not move, but does only when you make a move.
You can move the left and right and make various kinds of attack with acquired weapons as well as your own fists.
There are Dagger, Long Sword, Pistol and Rifle as weapons and each has its own ATK, Range, etc.
You can reduce the threat by kicking an enemy to drop the weapon from its hand, which you can pick to use for yourself.
Enemies seek to attack you from many different places with their deadly weapons.
They can strike you as soon as the elevator opens.
However, you can avoid those strikes from fearsome enemies by rolling. No attack can harm you while rolling.
Neutralize the enemy attacks by kicking and rolling at the right time and eliminate those hostile enemies with your priority.
This might look easy because the time stops, but the puzzle-like map is precisely organized which can make you stop breathing.
Prove yourself! You can be a hero!

Do Control Time

Main Feature:
1. Kindly Explained Tutorial
A kind and well explained tutorial greets you to Do Control Time.
You will receive 11 Mastery Points for free just by finishing the tutorial.
2. Enemies beyond your imagination
Various enemies with various weapons are ready to threaten you.
You must solve puzzles through dozens of enemies.
Enemies with a variety of weapons, Drones, Trap mines, Blocking walls!
At the end, the fearsome boss is waiting for you.

Do Control Time

3. Replay
A sweet reward that collects every piece of moment of your play awaits you.
Once you clear a stage, you can get access to the replay your gameplay.
All your actions will be gathered to make one amazing movie.
Enjoy the replay after your clear a stage!
4. Game Ranking
The game will remember the perfect play of the best player per stage.
The faster you clear a stage, the higher you will be ranked.
You need to find a more efficient move to raise your ranking even if you have already cleared the stage before.
Once you clear all stages, you will be ranked in the World Ranking.
Be the world best player!

Do Control Time

5. Mastery
A unique Mastery feature is provided for attack, survival, actions, and weapon use, etc.
Learning Masteries will make your character faster and more suited for battles.
Improve completion for each stage clear with Mastery!
6. 20 completely new, different Stages
20 new stages open every week.
A new experience will be provided for every play through each new stage.

Do Control Time

7. 2 attractive Characters to choose
You will have 2 attractive characters available for play.
John is specialized in neutralizing enemies with Kick. He can take away weapons from enemies.
Purple Widow is specialized in moving and avoiding. She can dodge enemy attacks and overwhelm her foes.
8. 7 Missions given newly Every day
7 missions are given every day for your more exciting game play.
Clear all the missions to earn currencies! Become even stronger!

Do Control Time
Do Control Time

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