Magic Fantasy

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic Fantasy (by Bingyue Game)

·As the primordial magic of evil begins to stir, the dusty “Black Grimoire”awakens in the silence, the Gate of the Devil World gradually opens under power of the “Black Grimoire”, and the overwhelming demons are pouring in ……

Magic Fantasy

·On the land invaded by the demons, everyone can become a Guardian.
·Wakening up from the coma, you are given the mission of defending your home. You will recruit heroes, defend against demons and rebuild your homeland until the survivors are reunited with their separated beloved ones, and at the end you will witness the results of the struggle.

Magic Fantasy

·The Maintainers are dying, while the Creators have not yet arrived. Challenged by something uncontrollable, humans always lament their powerlessness……
·But at the steepest turn of life, if mortal longing reaches its height, the sight of the gods will be cast down.
·When the lost artifacts are reunited in the dust and sand, the mysteries of the world are revealed in the “Black Grimoire”!
·Where will you go, Guardian?

Magic Fantasy

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Available: Google Play – CA, SG, TW, MY

Magic Fantasy

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