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Oh My Dog – Heroes Assemble

Official Launch – EU, AM, Oceania + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Oh My Dog (by Joy Nice Games)

It is time for all “underdogs” to conterattack! Collect your cute dog heroes, lead them in battlefield, and defeat whotever as you like! The weak can defeat the strong via flexible strategy changes!
There are Dog Leaders from all over the world gathering there: together with your Dog Troops, just meet, compete, unite, and rise!

Story Background
One common midnight, you are tired, with your dizzy head buried in the endless work.
Faced with the annoying humiliation from your boss and colleages, you looked up to the sky and screamed: “I want to change this!!”
Suddenly, a light flashed into the office, and the dog god came! ! !
“Why do you have to swallow your anger ? Just bring these dog heroes! Your fate shuffles from this moment!”

Game Features
Dog Heroes Assemble
Over 50 characters to choose from!

Oh My Dog

Fight between Dog Heroes
Battle never ends!

Oh My Dog

Quick Stage Clear
Clear 100 stages in 1 hour!

Oh My Dog

Easy yet Strategic Gameplay
Select skills strategically for combat!

Oh My Dog

Diversified Battlefields
Switch battle scenes freely!

💡 PC



Oh My Dog

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