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Masters and Heroes: Story RPG

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Masters and Heroes: Story RPG (by Vintersaga)

Masters & Heroes is a mobile strategy RPG where your choices matter. Make your kingdom rise! Build a strong squad of castle heroes through story mode and fight other players in online PvP fights. In order to win you need to be smart: craft the right weapons, spells, and armor, and choose where and when to use them. The outcome of each autobattle depends on your tactical decisions before the fight starts: choose the perfect gear, find the best position for your warriors, and use active items and buffs on time.

Masters and Heroes: Story RPG
Masters and Heroes: Story RPG
Masters and Heroes: Story RPG
Masters and Heroes: Story RPG

– Сaptivating story-based campaign: free your ancestral home, head your town, lead it to prosperity, and fight the mysterious force that threatens the entire kingdom.
– Versatile combat system where your effort and tactics have a direct impact on the result and matter a lot more than purchased advantages.
– Multistage craft system for weapons, armor, and other items used in various combat scenarios
– Fantasy setting inspired by Middle Ages.
– Realistic visuals in the spirit of classic PC strategies.
– No pay-to-win features: the shop only offers cosmetic items.

Available: Google Play / App Store – RU, BY, IL, etc…

Masters and Heroes: Story RPG

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