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Dorkable Pirate

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Dorkable Pirate (by GameNuts)

We are pirates and our goal is the starry sea!
A vast ocean, unknown and mysterious.
You could see the fragmented monuments of shipwrecks.
You could hear the chilling whispers of anchors in the dense forests of isolated islands.
You can smell the monster scent of salt and blood on the sea breeze.
This is the pirate’s paradise!
Bring your weapons and brave the endless monster guards to claim the treasure.

Stay alert
Hundreds of different styles of islands to explore, with mysterious, dangerous environments that may threaten your life.

Dorkable Pirate

Face the challenges head-on
Novel species and monsters, unexpected obstacles stand in the way of exploration.

Dorkable Pirate

Arm yourself
Equip and upgrade equipment of all natures to stay effective in battle.

Dorkable Pirate

Endless combinations
Develop unique skillsets for different monsters to make exploration easier.

Dorkable Pirate
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