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Dynasty Warriors: Dominate

Official Launch(CN) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android(TapTap) | IOS(CN)

Dynasty Warriors: Dominate will official release on August 10

The description of Dynasty Warriors (by D.W.Studio)

Dynasty Warriors is officially sanctioned by Koei Tecmo from Japan and released by Tencent for the orthodox Dynasty Warriors game. In the game, you can become a warrior of the Three Kingdoms and fight the turbulent times of the Three Kingdoms. The game completely restores the two-key movement without a CD on the host’s side, re-engraving a powerful flurry of Wushuang dance, allowing you to personally experience the thrill of being alone on the battlefield and competing with thousands of people! Relive the classic plots of the four kingdoms of Wei, Shu, Wu, Jin, all three real generals restored, big maps, classic game modes – all on stage, building your own city, building your own three passionate kingdoms and the final restoration of the “Warriors of the Dynasty” on your mobile phone … Zhen Wushuang, just highlighted all the discontent!

[Officially authorized authentic three]

“A warrior in troubled times, heroes are unmatched.” Dynasty Warriors are authorized by Guangrong Tecmo, and the official original team is carefully restoring the original classics. Original images of three real heroes and iconic warlord actions provided directly by Guangrong Fang to create the superheroes of the three kingdoms in the hearts of players. The fact that the project team is in control of the essence of the original work was highly appreciated by the glorious producer Suzuki Ryoho and the supervisor Miyauchi Jun, who even bluntly said, “This is wushuang.”

Dynasty Warriors: Dominate

[One hundred people on one screen, one rides like a thousand]

Fighting on the battlefield, creating a historically “unprecedented” battle on the spot, the theme of “Warriors of the Dynasty” has not changed! No CD setting, real-time switching, two-key combination, freely rubbing blows, continuous attack and high injury protection as you want. Independent dynamic random model, optimization of background programs synchronization, significant breakthrough in the original limit of the same screen, realizing real hundreds of people on one screen, instant experience of mowing grass with thousands of soldiers sweeping. Equipped with proud weapons, with specific operations, matchless stunts are played perfectly, and battles are presented at any time.

Dynasty Warriors: Dominate

[All classic generals restored]

All original paintings of Dynasty Warriors are courtesy of Guangrong. To emphasize the individuality of the generals, the metal texture is fully reinforced in the design, and the generals are reproduced at mirror level. The action of the generals is ensured by a great party, and all the exclusive action modules are present, and the exaggerated skills are endowed with great special effects, refreshing the memory of the classic performance. Ur Bu, Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, Diao Chang and other popular generals can be revived one by one and team up with you to fight the Three Kingdoms again.

Dynasty Warriors: Dominate

[Authenticity of the Epic Plot]

The forces of Wei, Shu, Wu, and Jin are confronted and the historical scene breaks out. The history of the four great kingdoms will take you back to the Three Kingdoms. Many battle modes, hundreds of epic battles, extermination battles, defensive battles, escort escape battles, support battles, battles to capture the king, survival battles, racing battles and other varied story battles. Fight heroes, fight each other and fight each other • There are several game modes, such as martial arts performance, martial arts banquet and battle for hegemony .. Warriors of the Dynasty in memory will be presented again.

Dynasty Warriors: Dominate

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