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Riffle Heroes:Tycoon RPG

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Riffle Heroes:Tycoon RPG (by Next Leap Inc.)

Game Background

A peaceful kingdom is quickly overrun by a monster invasion, heroes from across the land quickly rally to take up the sword themselves to create a tycoon of kingdoms, people, and heroes.

Riffle Heroes:Tycoon RPG

About the game

– One-click game with infinite level up and growth.

– A tycoon idle game made with popular materials and objects that are easily and quickly accessible to everyone, that can be felt in the representative title ‘Riffle Heroes’.

– A tycoon village system that allows players to collect materials to craft/construct buildings, manage and grow by implementing tycoon (village) content.

Riffle Heroes:Tycoon RPG

– Strategic positioning of tank/deal/heal heroes to create your own hero combination deck, expanding beyond idle single-player to multiplayer!

– Sometimes, to grow your tycoon, you need a hero in a support position that drops items.

– Add a casual mini-games like card flipping to give you a bonus!

– Compete with global players to become the best warrior and quickly connect to Whirligig to become the hero who will save the fallen kingdom!

Available: Google Play – CA

Riffle Heroes:Tycoon RPG
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