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Tower: clash of heroes

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tower: clash of heroes (by VIBGYOR ASIA LIMITED)

The heroes are drawn to a mysterious rift in time, suddenly transported to this realm of equilibrium. The enigmatic and malevolent force behind it all turns out to be a lost time guardian. Why is he doing this? What decisions will the heroes make? Will they collaborate to uncover the truth, or will they draw their swords in opposition?

Strategically Deploy,Fierce Battles
Summoners, assemble suitable lineups to create your own battle formations. Utilize your available points to analyze the battlefield and make strategic placements. This combines the rare elements of auto chess with RPG tower defense gameplay. In the heat of battle, deploying heroes of the same profession triggers unexpected professional bonds, significantly enhancing their attributes!

Tower: clash of heroes

Peak Season, Legendary Hall
Summoners engage in real-time 1v1 duels to earn trophies, experiencing a tremendous sense of achievement. In this pure and fair competitive arena, players push the limits of strategy and gameplay space. Exclusive seasonal chest rewards await! Whether it’s 5-Marksman Burst Lineup or 5-Mage Attack-speed Lineup, the choice is yours!

Tower: clash of heroes

Traditional Breakthrough, Cooperative Mode.
In the unique cooperative mode, you can compete with up to 10 heroes, fighting side by side with your friends. Coordinate lineups with your friends for synergistic combinations. With quick matchmaking, find teammates that best complement your lineup—you can even play solo! Join alliances for companionship on the journey, making sure you’re never alone in the confrontations along the way.

Tower: clash of heroes

Adorable Character, Gold Card Guaranteed
Don’t be deceived by the charming heroes. Each one is a hidden gem. Summoners start from scratch, crafting their unique formations. With a guaranteed gold hero every ten draws, build the perfect lineup for the current version! The game features various professions such as mages, warriors, marksmen, healers, summoners, and more. What’s your idea of the perfect lineup?

Tower: clash of heroes

Global Server, No Limitation
Global server, no matter where you are, the competition knows no bounds. Engage in limitless competition and collaborative play with players worldwide. In this smoke-filled arena, come together to enjoy the excitement that this battle brings us.

Tower: clash of heroes

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