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Wonderers:Casual Action Battle


💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

📜 Developer Note:

  • Wonderers Pre-Registration is now available for the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia!

The description of Wonderers : Eternal World

Join your friends and be a part of 4v4 Team Battles, Dungeon Adventures, and tons of Mini Games in the action-adventure Wonderers. No longer is there a wall between PC and mobile! Enjoy dynamic cross-platform action anywhere!

Wonderers : Eternal World

A Whole New World, A Whole New Fun
In this fairytale world, you can enjoy various content
while communicating with other players and make wonderful memories!

Wonderers : Eternal World

Choose Your Own Adventure
As with many Roguelike games, the choices that you make will affect your gaming experience, and your adventure may differ from that of other individuals.
Enjoy the world of Wonderers to the fullest by participating in battles against strong monsters, discovering new gimmicks, and surpassing repeated death!

Wonderers : Eternal World

4 vs 4 Multiplayer Billionaire Gold Game
In this place flooded with Gold, the team that collects more Gold than the other wins.
Make strategic choices whether to keep collecting Gold or to use Gold to get stronger in order to win!

Wonderers : Eternal World

Exciting Mini Games
Enjoy Mini Games such as Woodcutting, Racing, Dice Battle, True or False?, and fishing!
You’ll lose track of the time!

Wonderers : Eternal World

Charming Costumes
From fairytale-themed costumes to chic, modern clothing and equipment!
Customize your character with costumes, hair styles, tails, and accessories!

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