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Edenight: Idle RPG

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Edenight: Idle RPG (by Loongcheer Game)

Log in for 1000 free draws in total. Log in on day 7 to get core agent Lola and free skin of Lola on day 15!

Enjoy the casual fantasy AFK RPG with cute and beautiful girls, and help with their fights on the frontline. Seek for the light in the darkness, survive, and struggle for the final victory.

Wonderland, once a beautiful planet, is now ravaged by the arrival of a virus called Reaper. Countless individuals have been infected, turning into bloodthirsty mutants that prey on humans, plunging the world into chaos. A few infected humans, known as “new humans” retain their consciousness and get extraordinary powers. United under their leadership, they erected the last bastion of hope, the Eden Fortress, as humanity’s final shield. Together with your friend “Mainframe”, you’ll recruit Agents, train them, and then assign them to various operations to cleanse the Wonderland.

Game Features

Recruit & Evolving Strategy & Collect
Over 80 unique agents with different skills in different factions. Recruit your agents, upgrade, equip, and evolve them to make them powerful agents. Know each of them well and make full use of the faction bonus as well as restraint to build a legendary squad.

Edenight: Idle RPG

Idle System & Fortress Construction, More Rewards to Earn
Deploy your agents, they will fight for you automatically. Even when you’re away, they continue to fight, securing valuable resources for your cause. By leveling up your fortress, you get bonuses to the idle rewards and other game modes, allowing you to accumulate resources and power effortlessly. Seize the opportunity to amass wealth and power with ease!

Edenight: Idle RPG

Various Gameplay, Much Fun To Enjoy
In addition to the story challenges, there are lots of dungeons awaiting your exploration. Immerse yourself in engaging PVP and PVE modes, or collaborate with friends to find an effective strategy for clearing dungeons.

Edenight: Idle RPG

Interact with your Destiny Girls, Favorability UP UP
After tense battles, making delicious food for your agents is a good way to relax. Enjoy a leisurely activity that also boosts your combat power. Each dish holds its unique effect, so expanding your cuisine list becomes key to maximizing the benefits.

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Edenight: Idle RPG

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