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The description of 伊格效應 (by Netease Games Global)

In Wisdom Era 20XX, 13 workers received a test invitation from the future world [Paradise] and were forced to participate in the game of death. Stories between staff and people are intertwined, and the future of mankind is on the verge of collapse…a story of a group drama narrated from multiple perspectives unfolds.

Written by Kitashima Xingde: A group drama of intertwined fate
The script of this work was written by the famous script writer Kitajima Yutoku. In his writings, “428~The Blocked Shibuya~” and “Time Traveler” were born. “428~The Blocked Shibuya~” is even Fami. The only text adventure game with perfect scores.
In this work, as an observer, you will observe and guide the actions of the clerks in [Paradise], and experience the classic “North Island Xingde-style” group drama narrative: each time you make a decision, you will not only guide the difference of a clerical person vertically In the future, it will affect the destiny of other professionals more horizontally.


Experience your dream career: Internet celebrities/seiyuu/idols… There are even Cowboys!
In addition to the 13 craftsmen who starred in the main plot, there will be more craftsmen drawn from real professions on the stage. You can collect professional roles from all walks of life, experience the professional skills and peak moments of your dream career, and feel the urban daily life of workplace struggle and leisure and entertainment.


Ace production team: painting by Dehogallery, a studio of Ghibli, and composition by Kenji Kawai
The game also invited Deho Garally, the original art studio of Ghibli, to participate in the scene drawing, showing a Japanese city with a sense of light technology in the near future; the palace-level composer Kenji Kawai has a passionate soundtrack and presented an audio-visual feast of over 100 original arrangements; The mystery guest dubbed continuously, setting up the grandest stage for this immersive group drama.


Classic JRPG experience: Combination of rounds and strategies, weaknesses break out of shields
In the battle, you can experience the strategic pleasure of traditional Japanese turn-based combat. Use skills to target the enemy’s “weakness” attribute to create a “shield”, accumulate “FP value” to increase the attack effect, trigger the “nirvana” to use gorgeous finishing moves, and the combination is fun.

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