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Elementary Stories World – NFT

Official Launch – Japan + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: English, Japanese

The description of エレメンタルストーリーワールド (by CROOZ Blockchain Lab,inc.)

A new experience where you can earn tokens while playing!
Elest’s popular characters such as Alice and Kamimusubi are now available as NFT!
If you add an NFT character to your party and win a battle, you can earn unique tokens.
Let’s experience the charm of “blockchain games”, which only a few people are aware of, as soon as possible!


Connect and erase…Skill fire!
Activate powerful skills every turn by creating a specific shape with pieces!
The highlight of your technique is to activate as many of the various skills that each character has within the time limit.
Combine shapes well and aim for big damage!

Let’s explore the vast world!
Let’s conquer various continents while collecting characters!
On each continent, a super powerful monster awaits you at the end.
Use your knowledge to open up a path!


Release your true power through awakening!
Characters are awakened when they reach a certain level of rarity!
When you awaken, you will learn powerful abilities you never had before and unleash your true power.
Awaken many characters and aim for higher heights!

Downloading “Elemental Story World” is free!
You can play the game for free until the end
*Some paid items may apply.


Detailed explanation
Skill shooting x battle puzzle Elemental Story World (hereinafter referred to as Elest World) utilizes the characteristics of smartphones,
It’s an exhilarating puzzle RPG that anyone can easily play.

By rearranging the pieces with your fingers within the time limit, you can perform multiple skills (special moves) at once, making it an exhilarating game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.


Erest’s unique quest involves arranging 30 pieces on the screen into a U-shape, cross, etc., and aligning the pieces into the shape specified by the character’s skills, such as special abilities and recovery, to defeat the enemy.

Furthermore, this game incorporates a “blockchain” element that allows you to earn tokens by winning battles by adding NFT characters to your party, giving you an unprecedented gaming experience.

Official website –

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