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Era of Gods Online

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Era of Gods Online~EOGオンライン~ (by SEVEN&EIGHT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.)

Safe for MMO beginners! A civilization development online game that lives in a virtual world!
Wage war or make peace at will! Let’s explore the world and build a great nation together!

Game system
Comes with a game guide that even beginners of online games can enjoy!
Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, you can easily play! Battles are fully automatic and stress-free!
It’s fun to increase your resources by harvesting and gathering, and to improve your productivity and technical skills! Loot when you run out of resources! ?
Form a regiment with alliance members to subdue monsters and capture castles, as well as battle with other alliances and other players in a big regiment vs. large regiment!
Check the trading value of trade goods at the fortune-teller and find the golden trade route!
Player simultaneous progress type story is hot! The frustration that makes you stronger faster is irresistible!

Era of Gods Online~EOGオンライン~
Era of Gods Online~EOGオンライン~

Game Introduction
“Era of Gods Online (EOG Online/Era of Gods Online/Iraon)” is an MMOSLG type online game in which players choose one from three ancient civilizations, manage their nation, and discuss how to live. With the theme of gods and civilizations, you can enjoy collecting resources, trading, and fighting in an open world.

This virtual world has the same concept of time and players as in the real world. is basically free.

Era of Gods Online~EOGオンライン~
Era of Gods Online~EOGオンライン~

A long time ago, the dragon king Bahamut emerged from the world of nothingness and plotted to destroy the world by distorting space-time, but the gods also appeared at the same time as the space-time was distorted. The battle between the gods and dragons lasted for over a hundred years, but in the end, the gods defeated Bahamut, and the body of the dead dragon king Bahamut transformed into the earth where people lived.
The story takes place hundreds of years after the battle between gods and dragons. It becomes a body.
When he was chased by a nobleman and was in a desperate situation, he suddenly heard a strange voice in his ear. It was God’s voice, and it was God who saved the player from a desperate crisis.

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

Era of Gods Online~EOGオンライン~
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