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Flowers and Hundreds of Soldiers

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 絢花百兵帖 (by So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited)

Different from previous agency games, “Glorious Flowers and Hundred Soldiers Posts” is a game made in Taiwan. Many Taiwanese painters and Chinese voice actors are invited to create games with other local talents.

The unique “Fingertip Martial Arts” combat system in “Fantasy Flowers and Hundred Soldiers Posts” allows players to swipe their fingertips to fight, use the terrain height difference to increase damage, or arrange the positions of sword girls to launch formations to increase combat advantages, and properly use various swords Ji’s characteristics are more capable of defeating the enemy in battle.


In order to make the plot more fascinating, D51, a light novel writer who has published many novels “Fallen God” and “Famous Girl” in Taiwan, and is responsible for writing multiple independent game scripts, is invited to reinterpret the main plot of the game.


The simple and easy-to-learn battle process makes the lengthy process of randomly exploring battle levels easy to understand. Even novice players who have never played the game can easily enjoy the fun of battle and plot.

The overall operation interface is very simple and convenient to operate. Players can obtain various sword girls through the forging system, and then use the reinforcement, skill upgrade, soul fusion system, etc. to breed sword girls. They can also customize unique sword girls through the transformation system. Cultivate different sword girls, and you can be more flexible when arranging teams for battle.


In addition, there is a dynamic effect of Jian Ji Lihui, which makes Jian Ji move! Jian Ji has become more vivid, more vivid and profound in the dialogue of the plot and the interaction of various scenes.

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO


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