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Girl Mustketeer

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Girl Mustketeer (by Act Seven Entertainment Inc.)

“Defeat Monsters and Save the World!
The Epic Saga of the Girl Musketeer who defeated Monster Legion with a Single Gun.”

Don’t need Tutorial! Super-Easy AFK RPG!
“No more Boring Tutorials that just tell you what to do! Easy and Fast Battles and Growth! Vertical Portrait idle RPG with One-handed Controls!”

Girl Mustketeer

Overwhelming Pixel Graphics and Juice!
“High-quality Pixel Art you’ve never seen in idle games! The Hits Satisfaction from Cute 2D Character!”

Auto Battle throughout the Whole Day
“Automatic Battle: Beating the Stage even when Offline! Free Reward based on Stage Record! Musket Survivor do not sleep 24/7!”

Girl Mustketeer

Enjoy of Upgrade! Your own Girl Musketeer!
“Dozens of Unique Costumes!
From Gun to Bullets! Various Gacha and Merge System! Powerful and Stylish Musketeer!”

The Adventure with Pets
“Tame and Raise a wide variety of Pets!
Upgradeable Appearance and Attributes!”

Girl Mustketeer

The Endless Adventure where Danger lurks!
“Slime… Medusa…. Siren… Wyvern…! Various Dungeons filled with dangerous Boss Monsters! Choose the dungeon you want and enjoy many Contents!”

Girl Mustketeer

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