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Flying Bullet-PVP Mode

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The description of Flying Bullet-PVP Mode

Our world is invaded and occupied by “Worm Legion”. As the Safeguard for future, you are the only power to fight against Worm Legion!

Please be prepared to withstand the endless enemies with your stunning hi-tech weapons and combat tatics!

You are the Messiah for the world, and play for safety! Enjoy the various skill combinations to go through the levels. Be careful, once you are died, all will start again…

PVP peak qualifying
Players from all over the world gather to fight for the glory of the king! 4 players compete for each other in an unknown map, occupying the “Nuclear Signal Tower”, and the winner will get “Golden Star” Monthly update the seasons with different themes, constantly improve the ranks, and compete for the first place in the season leaderboard!

Flying Bullet-PVP Mode

Skin expressing personality
Each character has multiple personalized skins, as well as personalized blood bars, footprints, etc., allowing you to be unique in the pinnacle game and become the King in the crowd!

Games under your finger tip
It is easy to control the character with one finger. By shot stick, the character is wandering through the raining of bullets. Don’t forget that you are the owner of bullets! Create the legend of bullets!

Ten Chapters with Much More Fun
1500 random sandbox map in 10 chapters are waiting for your exploration, including the scenes like, grassland, desert, snowy mountain, and even terrible caves, and more other styles. Along your jouney, surprises and challenges never stop! Don’t know which way you are in? Just choose one with your talent.

Flying Bullet-PVP Mode

Skills & Talents As your wish
Random skill, blood, defense, faster and tough DPS are availble for your to combine and select at each upgrade. You are more likely to be the leader in the game when facing various strategy modes in different levels, and win the game!

Tough opponent & Unbeatable Crews
Too strong to lose the game? How about enjoying the game to experience the thousands of levels guarded by monsters and BOSS. Nothing is impossible in such bullet world where is full of robot spiders, armoured fighting vehicle and mysterious mecha. Please remember that you are not alone! Your friends are always be there!

Armed to the teeth & Let Bullet fly!
Keep upgraded talents, collect the equip chest and get kinds of permenant skills. Experience different characters with your mechanical assistant. Play as what you want in the game. Upgrade yourself with fully armed! Let bullets fly!

Flying Bullet-PVP Mode
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