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Idle Mafia Clicker

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The description of Idle Mafia Clicker

Ever wanted to be a mafia? Did you dream of having your own gang and capture cities? Then Idle Mafia Clicker is right for you!

The game will plunge you into an exciting adventure where you don’t need to do anything: just click! You can control entire cities and become the most popular mafia boss! Once your business begins to grow, no one can tell how far you can get! But no one says it will be easy …

You can build your city:
More recently, it was the most ordinary city, but you will change everything! It will be a real mafia city of sins, which will bring together everything: fight clubs, underground guns stores, black market, prison and much more …
You just need to show strength, persistence and all the power of your gangster character!

Idle Mafia Clicker

Are you ready to create your empire?
Ready to create your own empire? Earn money and increase profits in order to spend only on what you want! The more money you have, the more respectful and frightful you are!

Idle Mafia Clicker

Become the most influential mafia!
Capture as many new buildings as possible, upgrade them and discover new locations. Everything is here for you! Accumulate weapons and be the boss of the mafia!

Idle Mafia Clicker

Gather your powerful gang!
Remember! The more guns you accumulate, the more powerful gang of gangsters you will receive, and the whole world will be at your feet!
Just remember to click on the occupied territories and collect guns!

Idle Mafia Clicker

Being a true mafia is not easy! But the battle over the city has already begun. Show what you are capable of! Show your strong character with Idle Mafia Clicker!

Idle games are also available offline if you don’t have the Internet connection.

Idle Mafia Clicker
Idle Mafia Clicker

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