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God Of Gods

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The description of God Of Gods

Have you ever felt helpless? Have you ever prayed to god? And have you ever been worse off than your prayers which are responded by nothing? Then, how about having a try to become the god by yourself?

The game’s characteristic:

Be the god —- magnificent city,Millions of believers, will be in your hand

God Of Gods

Fight to the world —- lead the heroes of legends, let your name fill the universe

Build the seraglio —- peris’ encounter, you will never wanna miss.

God Of Gods

Obedient servants —- the servants who can be at your beck and call, are the gods’ basic

Train your children —- let your posterity be your powerful assistance

God Of Gods

The gods’ war —- everyone want to be the god, but you should let them understand that who is the most formidable one

This is the best world, and this is the worst world. At here, you can find everything expectedly or unexpectedly.

God Of Gods

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