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Gosu: Absolute Supreme

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 고수: 절대지존 (by STUDIO LICO Corp.)

Awaken the sleeping Hwangryongsan monster, walk the path of the king!
We are looking for absolute masters who will compete with the real sword.

Physical battle with martial arts action!
Try to cast martial arts special moves at the perfect timing.
You can attack directly, use skills, and change the outcome of a battle in an instant.
Become the king by directly controlling PvP, adventure, story, dungeon, etc.

고수: 절대지존

Just watching is OK! Cool action charm.
It is forbidden to engage in a trivial battle for a master whose time is precious.
You can grow steadily with automatic battles and neglect compensation systems when needed.
Even so, feel the exciting brawl without ever getting bored!

고수: 절대지존

The reappearance of the Demonic Cult forces that were thought to have been annihilated?!
A new story unfolds following the world view of the 1.3 billion views Naver Webtoon original .

고수: 절대지존

Who is the strategist to hit the strongest deck in various dungeons?
Gather your favorite characters and create a powerful team.
You can devise a strategy to break through each dungeon by finding the optimal layout, hero, equipment, class, and attribute.

고수: 절대지존

New characters and high-quality voice actors not seen in the original!
‘Pacheon Myeongryun Gong!’ Feel the thrilling martial arts seasons vividly.
The splendid transformation of single gentleman characters is also waiting.

Recruiting the king to lead a new clan
Found a faction to share tactics and cooperate.
It’s time to rewrite the legend with a new king.

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Available: Google Play – KR

고수: 절대지존
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