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Hero Avengers

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Hero Avengers (by Fun+++)

“Hero Avengers” is a new epic sci-fi idle game that’s easy to pick up. Our story takes place in the twilight of a war. With the demon now blighted, the gods have fallen, incarnating the human domain on the land of Passimia. However, with the interference of the “Black Star” and the “Dawn Prophet” interstellar organizations, war has once again been rekindled on Passimia with the arrival of the Matrix Crisis. The human allied forces and AI bots fight from north to south as a long war begins…

Recruit a coalition of heroes through various adventures and tests! Then, together with players from around the world, defeat all the forces of evil. The land of Passimia is waiting for you to bring peace!

Casual gameplay
Straight forward actions, strategically place forces, automatically unleash hero skills, harvest resources from bots, level up your combat power!

Hero Avengers

Epic Hero Cards
The land of Passimia is full of heroes! Each of them with a futuristic look and exclusive customizations; you’ll want to get them all!

Hero Avengers

Challenge the best in the arena
Come and try your hand at conquering Legion Bosses, Legion expedition tournaments, and 5v5 arenas!

Hero Avengers

The Matrix Maze
Stand out in the mysterious Matrix Maze with flexible formations, wisdom, and strength!

Hero Expedition
The perfect fusion of placement and strategy games! You can relax and lead an army to fight the world at the same time!

Hero Avengers

Global Battle
Explore and fight with players from all over the world on the roads of Passimia. Show the world your strength!

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Hero Avengers
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