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Hero Awaken (VN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Hero Awaken (by G4Tech)

HERO AWAKEN As the ultimate 3D tactical general card game on a mobile platform, Hero Awaken is built on a mysterious and magical world waiting to be discovered. Featuring a traditional cross-country adventure style with a familiar classic feeling, overcoming traps, defeating monsters, exploring monuments, … extremely simple but gentle, but combined with Unique and strange features to expand the world, unique mini games, diverse character upgrade system, unlimited strategy around characters, formation, elements and external conditions scene… Will bring a very engaging experience to the player, all in Hero Awaken.

Hero Awaken

With the context revolving around the adventurous journey of heroes, meet and gather together to resist the invasion of evil forces. They travel through many lands, discover ancient relics and gradually discover an extremely terrible dark conspiracy that involves the whole world of the Gods …

Hero Awaken
  • The 5-player COOP arena – the top 10 players.
  • Simple operation, easy access and can be played anytime, anywhere.
  • Attractive plot, all game features follow closely and based on the plot.
  • Smooth game experience, eye-catching graphics, extremely “cool” character shaping highlight the magical element in the context of Western mythology.
  • The perfect combination between classic adventure style and new strange discovery feature, unleashing the experience.
  • The ultimate tactic revolves around the character’s elemental element and skill system.
Hero Awaken

Rich character upgrade system, freely collect, master and upgrade the character at your disposal.

Hero Awaken
  • Lots of co-op features, exchanges, adventures are not alone.
  • Exciting guild, boss hunting and dedication to glory.
  • Compete in the arena, challenge powerful opponents and topped the rankings.
Hero Awaken

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