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Hero Defense Castle

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Hero Defense Castle (by mobirix)

The best selling tower defense game! Sequel to the Hero Defense King!
Use strategic unit selection and formation to annihilate the enemies!
Upgrade your unique mercenaries, towers and heroes and apply winning tactics!

Hero Defense Castle

– Units are produced even while in Idle Mode? “Auto Unit Production System’
– Slow and boring defense game? Good bye same old games~ Hello speed-up feature!
– Central Tower: Simultaneously attack multiple onrushing enemies!
– Fever Mode: Amplify all stats for short period!
– Formation System: Strategically respond to enemy’s attack formation!
– Revenge Mode: Get powerful buff and mercenaries if you are defeated!
– Get upgrade resources and great items just for leaving the game ON! Get Bonus chance to get more great items!

Hero Defense Castle
Hero Defense Castle

[How to Play]
1. Acquire heroes, mercenaries, and towers.
2. Produce and strategically position the units and towers.
3. Analyze enemy unit type and attack formation, and strategically produce your units and set up defense formation.
4. Destroy the waves of incoming enemies and clear the stage!

Hero Defense Castle
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