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Hero of Troubled Times

Official Launch(JP)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 乱世の英雄〜神速の三国志〜 (by 6waves)

Dare I say it! “It’s a hero RPG.”
And let’s do it! A MOBA battle.
Come on, face the strong! “All the heroes are waiting for you.”
Set in the world of the Three Kingdoms depicted in beautiful 3D graphics,
Spin your own story with the heroes of the turbulent times!

Super beautiful 3D! Different dynamic motions for each military commander
Equipped with 3D animations that make you even hear the original breathing of each warlord!
Numerous realistic animations invite you to the stage of battle.


How to raise is infinite! Bring out the true power of a warlord!
You can select the training method according to your play style.
There are countless patterns for how to evolve warlords, so how to raise them is up to you!
In addition, if you appoint a military commander in your military base, the training progress will be inherited, so choosing a commander is easy!

Variety of soldiers! Overwhelm the battlefield with the strongest army!
More than 24 different types of soldiers with unique abilities appear in this game.
The secret to victory is figuring out the fighting style that each soldier is good at!
Combine your favorite tactics to create the strongest army and overwhelm the battlefield!


Siege start! Carve out a path with the ultimate in strategy!
Siege battles are indispensable in the turbulent times of the Three Kingdoms! Because it’s a MOBA!
In siege warfare, various strategies are required, such as selecting a course and arranging soldiers.
Capture the enemy castle with your friends by making full use of your own strategy and experience the charm of the game even more!


The road to victory starts with one step! Learn the virtues of a general by carefully reading the military manuals!
Aim for the battle elite with the training system!
In order to survive the turbulent times, the secret to victory is to cultivate wisdom through reading and introspection.
If you carefully read the military manuals and understand the secrets of battle, the abilities of all the warlords you lead will increase even further!
Repeat introspection and improve your virtue as a general!


Super easy! Get endless treasure with just a tap!
First of all, you can aim for 10 or more!
Items can be obtained easily with just a tap!
You can freely excavate anywhere in the world, and you may even find rare items! ?
In addition, if you follow the hints at the time of excavation, you can also win big prizes.

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