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Heroes Tales (KR)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of 히어로즈 테일즈 (by 37mobile)

Heroes Tales is a fantasy adventure RPG. In the game, you will explore a fantasy world called “Atlan”. In this vast world, you will meet partners with various professions and unique abilities, collect various pets, put them into battle formations, defeat powerful enemies together, and embark on a journey to recover lost pieces of sacred weapons.

Battle Pet Ultimate Evolution Battle Cooperation
Explore your own training course by freely matching pets with various attributes to activate the bond effect. If you put your pets in a formation, you can directly cooperate in battle or improve your character’s combat power.

히어로즈 테일즈

Extreme battle experience of infinite continuous hitting
With high-quality graphics and thrilling combat action, you can easily immerse yourself in the combat system. Choose and match skills freely to enjoy extreme battles.

히어로즈 테일즈

Various Characters Free Job Change
There are a total of 6 characters, and each character has 2 former jobs. Customize your unique job skills by acquiring skill points by leveling up your character and passing dungeons.

히어로즈 테일즈

Adventure with a faithful partner
You won’t be lonely if you have a partner on an adventure in another world! Challenge the world boss with your guild members, meet your loved ones, and make an eternal contract.

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히어로즈 테일즈
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