Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

Official Launch Android iOS + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam | Nintendo Switch

The description of Hextech Mayhem (by Riot Forge Netflix, Inc.)

Only for Netflix subscribers. Drop bombs to the beat of the music and dance to the sounds of chaos in this fast-paced rhythm runner featuring League of Legends stars Ziggs and Heimerdinger.

In this dynamic rhythm runner, every action is followed by an explosion and a real mess. Play as Ziggs as you walk around the Piltover area. Explode, jump and jump to the beat of the music while avoiding obstacles, disarm enemies and set the fuses on fire to start a real mayhem. Unleash musical chaos and overtake the tedious Heimerdinger, collect the biggest bomb the world has ever seen.

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

Use the Freestyle Mayhem system to cause spontaneous explosions and get bonus points while hiding from the boring police. Show them how much fun they’re missing out on! Light every fuse in Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story. Catch your rhythm: drop bombs on the beat, jump over obstacles, run away from enemies and paint the city with musical madness.

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

FREESTYLE MAYHEM: Do you like to improvise? Take advantage of unexpected opportunities and create your own chaos with the Freestyle Mayhem system. Each explosion gives extra points! ENJOY THE spectacle: fly through Piltover, a city that is given life by magic and science, and set it on fire! Watch your mastery of rhythmic explosions create an unforgettable show. BEYOND: Explore the crowded back alleys of Piltover with Ziggs and Heimerdinger! Meet classic League of Legends heroes in this action-packed game.

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

Official website https://hextechmayhem.com/

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