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Himegami Kagura (Jp)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Himegami Kagura(ひめがみ神楽) (by FUNYOURS JAPAN)

What is “Himegami Kagura”?
Ancient mythical gods and legendary relics with a touch of ink painting have become beautiful girls!
It is a spiritual matchmaking RPG that fights for a peaceful world with the main character! !!

Many unique beautiful girl characters have appeared!
You can collect it or adventure with your favorite beautiful girl.
… What kind of princess do you have a relationship with?

【View of the world】
The peace of the Shinra world, which has been peaceful for a long time
The tranquility was suddenly broken by an emerging enemy invading through a rift in heaven.
The enemy’s attack shatters the earth and the spirits fall apart.
Furthermore, enemies in the chaotic world are invading one after another from the rift!

Let’s connect with the princesses and save the universe in crisis!

[Chibi characters fight! Exhilarating battle scene! ]
Beautiful girls become cute chibi characters and battle!
The battle is a semi-auto with side-scrolling and easy operation.
The cut-in effect for each character when the skill is activated is a sight to see!


[Stop the time and make a big turnaround! ]
The feature of this game is that the time is stopped by the “chaos interference” function at regular intervals.
You can replace the position of the character with any place you like.
When the rearguard is in a pinch, or when the troops are cornered to the edge of the screen
Let’s change the arrangement and aim for a big reversal!


[Legendary relics also appear as beautiful girls! ]
In addition to the mythical motifs
Legendary relics such as “Muramasa sword” and “Kama of the flat spider” have become human figures!
You can bring out their power more by equipping them with himegami.


What is the end of the epic story? ]
Beautiful princesses with settings based on ancient myths of ancient and modern east and west
There are various relationships such as fighting, fighting, and cooperating.
Please enjoy the profound story that progresses while solving the mystery of the incident that gradually becomes clear.


[Create your own Taoyuan Township! ]
After the battle, relax in Taoyuan Township with cute chibi characters!
You can invite your favorite princesses to “Togenkyo”
You can also arrange cute furniture, trees, buildings, etc. and customize it to your liking!

In addition, if you give presents to the chibi characters, your liking will increase!
It is equipped with a full range of functions, not just the appearance.

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