Idle Cave Miner

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Cave Miner (by Cold Hours)

Idle Cave Miner is an idle game about crafting items, mining gems, and building your team of miners. Tap to mine gold, diamonds, and other resources in a completely destructible, intractable mine. Assemble your team of miners to try to reach as deep as possible, find the best combination using each miner’s strengths and abilities as a starting point for your strategy. Prestige, craft, and travel to other mines to increase your strength to dig deeper, and find what lurks below.

Smelt, Craft, and Refine Ores:
Craft cool new Items to mine deeper than ever and find new rare ores and gems!
Upgrade your forges to increase their speed and efficiency when smelting rare ores or refining beautiful gems!
Use the items you crafted to permanently boost the stats of your team of miners!

Idle Cave Miner

Build your own team of Miners:
Unlock cool and unique new miners to mine for you and help you progress deep within the mines!
Upgrade your miners with items you crafted to take them to the next level of mining efficiency!
Idle away as your miners work for you, giving you profits you’ve never seen before!

Multiple Mines:
The mine upgrades with you, the further down you go, the more the mine shifts to accommodate new unique and fun environments!
Unique mines to explore, each with their own resources for you to obtain, whether those are rare ores to be smelted or unique gems to be refined!
Farm these mines to get resources to become stronger than ever and progress in the main mine, giving you access to new and interesting new ores and gems!

Idle Cave Miner

Endless upgrades:
Upgrade everything about your favorite miners, building an increasingly strong team to progress further than you’ve gone before!
Prestige to receive powerful rewards that allow you to go deeper than ever into the unknown depths of the mines!
Gather permanent upgrades that remain with you when you prestige, allowing you to breeze through what was previously impossible!

Lots of missions and achievements:
Complete fun achievements to unlock cool rewards!
Participate in daily, weekly and monthly missions that give you increased rewards based on their difficulty level!
Check your game’s stats at any moment to view your overall progress and other fun statistics!

Idle Cave Miner

Other cool features:
Cloud Saves!
Online Leaderboards!
Play Offline!

Idle Cave Miner

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