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Construction Hero – A Building Tycoon Game

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The description of Construction Hero

I’m a digger and I’m okay – I sleep all night and dig all day!

Welcome to your own construction company – while you’re still debating whether to go with Skyscrapin’ Construction Ltd. or A Hole Lot of Digging Inc. for your company name, the workers on your smartphone are in the pole position ready to get cracking.

Construction Hero - A Building Tycoon Game

Construction Hero is a building simulator that doesn’t take itself all too seriously. Armed with excavators and dump trumps, a crew of strong men, and the will to succeed, you’ll climb up the rungs to the lofty goal of becoming a construction magnate!

Construction Hero - A Building Tycoon Game

You start out small, making a garden pond for Aunt Erna or paving the dentist’s new driveway on the other side of town, but overtime your business will grow, and the complexity of the tasks you face in this construction simulator with it! Let’s hope the same goes for your construction fleet, army of workers and your income too!

Construction Hero - A Building Tycoon Game

From Project Plan to Handover of Keys

Building game Construction Hero puts your logistics skills to the test:

* From garden ponds to massive construction sites – exciting contracts await!
* Expand your yard and manage your resources
* Control special vehicles and building machines like excavators, cranes, and forklifts
* Take care of your workers and send them to training

You’re the boss on the construction site in the building simulator Construction Hero.
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Construction Hero - A Building Tycoon Game
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