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Impulse: Battle of Legends

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The description of Impulse: Battle of Legends (by Filancy)

Enter a world forever changed by the mysterious Impulse!

“Impulse: Battle of Legends” – an immersive mobile game that fuses thrilling battles, intricate strategies, and the enchantment of magical races like Orks, Nagas, and humanity itself, forever transformed by an unfathomable Impulse. Castle fights, alliances, and the quest for power define this captivating realm. Defend your realm, lead your heroes, and conquer enemy lands to become the ultimate Lord of an eternal realm born from the legendary Impulse. Join the battle now!

Unearth the Legends of Impulse:
Long ago, an enigmatic technological catastrophe befell Earth, leaving behind mysteries shrouded in the mists of time. The cataclysmic event is remembered as the Impulse, a source of unfathomable change. Portals to otherworldly realms swung open, introducing a plethora of mythical creatures. In this new age, diverse races unite, forging alliances to safeguard their castles and lay claim to uncharted territories.

Assemble Your Heroic Legends:
As a player, you wield the power to assemble a team of legendary heroes. Each of your heroes boasts a unique set of skills, allowing you to craft the perfect strategy for every encounter. Experiment with different hero combinations to unlock your true strategic potential and dominate the battlefield amidst the eternal clash.

Impulse: Battle of Legends

Castles, Clashes and Defense:
Your castle isn’t merely a fortress; it’s the heart of your realm. Rally your forces and protect it against unyielding enemy assaults, thwarting every attempt to breach your defenses. But beyond mere defense, seize the initiative and lead epic castle clashes, laying siege to enemy strongholds and expanding your influence across the new eternal realm.

Unleash the Magic Races:
Mastery of the arcane arts is your key to channeling the unique powers of magical races such as Orks, Nagas, dragons, and vivernas. Combine their mystic might with the enhanced strength of your transformed human heroes, forging an unstoppable force that turns the tide of battle in your favor.

Impulse: Battle of Legends

Rise as Lord in the Arena:
The ultimate test of your prowess awaits in the Arena, where legends clash for all eternity. Rise to the challenge, excel in battle, and secure coveted passes that grant entry to this prestigious battleground. Conquer your adversaries in PvP battles, prove your mettle, and ascend to the title of Lord in this awe-inspiring world, forever altered by the Impulse.

An Eternal Realm Forged by Impulse:
The Impulse has given birth to an eternal realm where legends are written, alliances are tested, and castles stand as enduring symbols of power. Uncover the enigma surrounding this mythical event, shape history with your strategic brilliance, and claim the mantle of Lord of this brave new world.

Impulse: Battle of Legends

“Impulse: Battle of Legends” is more than just a game; it’s an immersive adventure where battles, legends, and clashes define your journey. Will you rise to the challenge, assemble your heroic legends, and stake your claim as the Lord of this extraordinary eternal realm? The ultimate battle awaits, and eternity beckons! Join the battle now!

Available: Google Play – US

Impulse: Battle of Legends

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