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Official Launch – Mobile + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of GunSpectre (by Clickteam USA LLC)

GUNSPECTRE is a twin-stick adventure game featuring a large open world, an equally sized subsurface, and a ton of action!

In the desolation of a ruined future, only a wasteland remains. You emerge from an underground crypt into a desert hellscape populated with aggressive creatures, mysterious machines and scant pockets of society. Armed only with twin pistols, pure grit, and a pocket full of miracles, it’s up to you to explore the ruins of a once thriving world and prevent the disaster that caused this nightmare from happening once again.


– EXPLORE a desolate world and what lies beneath.
– FIGHT your way through aggressive creatures and mysterious machines.
– SURVIVE the menace from below, and bring peace back to the desert.

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