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kawaiiDungeon – Rise of a Goddess – Learn Japanese

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💡Platform – Android

The description of kawaiiDungeon (by MardukCorp)

kawaiiDungeon - Rise of a Goddess - Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese for free with kawaiiDungeon!

kawaiiDungeon will help you to learn Japanese faster while reading and remembering hiragana, katakana and vocabulary in a fun and interactive way!

kawaiiDungeon is perfect for beginners who want to learn a lot of new vocabulary and is especially effective when using together with kawaiiNihongo, our grammar focused learning app!

kawaiiDungeon - Rise of a Goddess - Learn Japanese

kawaiiDungeon offers the following features:

 Completely free!
▸ All dungeons are free to use without the need of unlocking or paying for them. Learn as much as you want!

▸ Learn to read Japanese by covering all hiragana and katakana.
▸ Expand your Japanese skills with over 420 JLPT N5 vocabulary.
▸ Bite-sized lessons, so you can learn regardless if you have a lot of time or just quickly on the bus!
▸ All lessons are voiced from Japanese native speakers.

★ Play
▸ Help Riko to defeat evil goons by learning Japanese!
▸ Collect weapons, level up, get stronger and improve your Japanese skills!

An active internet connection is required on your first start and when you want to interact with other online functions. All levels can be played without the need of an internet connection after the initial setup!

kawaiiDungeon - Rise of a Goddess - Learn Japanese

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