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King of King‘s

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The description of King of King‘s (by Seagame)

“King of king’s” is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy game. We have a huge post-apocalyptic background, historical generals from all civilizations around the world, real-time manual combat methods(RTS), a system of restraint for near and far troops, a special resource fighting function, and if you are strong enough, you can build your own country.

Sometime in the future, mankind harnessed genetic technology to create a supercomputer, “Lodestar” and a gene bank, “Elysium.”
At the same time, an AI self-named “The Judge” was born. It deemed mankind’s genetic decoding to be in violation of the natural order, and executed the extermination of the human race.
After human civilization restarted, “Lodestar” rebooted itself and resurrected a portion of humanity with the goal of destroying “The Judge” and its fighters.
In response, “The Judge” established a “church” for humans, through which it pursued its goal of controlling the course of human civilization.
Set in the era of rebooted civilization, a new war is beginning.

Special heroes
the game’s heroes are famous historical generals and warriors from civilizations around the world. Their skills and troop specializations are designed based on the historical figure’s real-life achievements.

King of King‘s

Summon heroes
via the genetic editing technology left from the previous century, players can manipulate and recombine DNA to summon heroes who’ll fight beside them.

King of King‘s

capture large cities and build your own nation.

King of King‘s

Fight for resources
resource plots have different levels and must be occupied. Connect to adjacent plots for more boosts.

King of King‘s

Troop specialties
there are both melee troops and ranged troops. Ranged troops have range attack attributes and can attack faraway targets.

Real-time battles
all battles are in real time and require players to operate troops in actual time. (RTS)

King of King‘s
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