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Kingdom of Cloud

Official Launch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kingdom of Cloud (by lsgames2024)

Kingdom of Cloud(KOC) is a sky-themed, 360 degree highly customizable DIY style building and simulation game. The gameplay primarily focuses on simulation management, allowing players to engage in activities such as farming, tea-making, and trading to acquire resources.

Kingdom of Cloud

By upgrading buildings, players can increase the prosperity of their cloud nation. Hot air balloons and spaceships can be seen traversing the sky, and animals may bring back surprise resources. Players can assist the protagonist “Duo” in constructing a beautiful room. The game also features innovative protective elimination puzzle levels.

Kingdom of Cloud

Players can freely build their cloud homes along with the plot and live with various cute mysterious animals, experiencing the joys of cloud farming, tea-making, and animal raising. The original intention of the KOC game’s design is to “warm the world with care,” hoping that a thoughtful product can bring warmth and happiness to everyone in 2024.

Game Features:
1. Fantasy-themed simulation management with rich gameplay, such as farming, tea-making, trading, and more.
2. Extremely high degree of DIY construction, allowing players to build unique garden cities.
3. Additional features include building secret fairy realms, constructing the protagonist’s small home, animal interaction and raising, and fun innovative puzzle levels.

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