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Knights of Saint Laurent

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of サンローラン騎士団 (by HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited)

Super exhilarating! Knight adventure RPG, you can’t stop once you start!
Infinite treasure chests can be opened as much as you want, and the number you open will make you stronger! Effortlessly train knights and beautiful girl partners!

Easy play with infinite treasure chests
Just tap to open treasure chests one after another, and strengthen the knight on the spot with the equipment and experience points you get!
Too many treasure chests each day? Let’s open treasure chests automatically in auto mode!


Adventure with cute girls
Various types of beautiful girls assemble! Make your favorite girl your partner!
Cultivate your own beautiful girl party according to your opponent! (You can also see pixel art)


Challenge against powerful enemies of many races
Adventure mode, Dragon’s Lair, Trial of Honor… Werewolves, dragons, dark knights lurking everywhere…
Defeat monsters of various races and protect the Saint Laurent continent!

Aim for the strongest knight with your own fighting style
Consecutive attacks, counterattacks, blood sucking, avoidance, critical hits… Develop your own specialized knight considering the compatibility of attributes!
Let’s make a difference with other players in the duel arena ranking battle!


Full of mini-games, everything leads to the training of knights
Take a break during your adventure with mini-games such as treasure hunts, gem puzzles, and manor collections!
Moderate rest is one of the secrets that make you stronger! Let’s strengthen the knight with every element!

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan


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