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Kung Fu Legend: War Is Coming

Official Launch + APK

Languages: English, Russian

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kung Fu Legend (by Spark Game)

Welcome to the mysterious Kung Fu world! Evil dark forces are invading this ancient land and it’s time to step forward. Learn magical martial arts, and fight powerful enemies with your allies!

This is a game with amazing graphics where you can experience the fantasy story. Host a party with friends on the grass and fight against the enemies above the mountains! You can also hunt monsters to turn them into mounts and pets. Find a partner in the game and hold a mysterious and romantic Eastern wedding. Everything is very shocking, please come and experience it!

Select Your Hero To Explore Mysterious Kung Fu World
There are seven classic occupations in the game that can be used for free. Choose your hero and start exploring this open world!

Kung Fu Legend: War Is Coming

Defeat Epic Bosses For Rich Drop
Join forces with your allies to challenge powerful bosses and get rich drop rewards. Improve your power and defend your home!

Kung Fu Legend: War Is Coming

PVP Duels With Global Heroes
You can fight against heroes from all over the world in the game. Represent your country and defend your glory with weapons in your hands!

Kung Fu Legend: War Is Coming

Collect Powerful Mounts
Explore this mysterious continent to conquer all kinds of powerful mounts and pets during the journey. Train them so that they can continue to advance and become your powerful assistants!

Kung Fu Legend: War Is Coming

Start A Romantic Story
Complete interesting couple games and visit every scenery on this land with your love that meets during the journey.

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Kung Fu Legend: War Is Coming
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