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Land of Spirits – ENG

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of 랜드오브스피릿 : 2D MMORPG (by YoonGiHyun)

MMORPG without a draw
Indulge in the fun of farming!
It is a good MMORPG that you can enjoy without charging.
Defeat strong monsters with your friends and acquire new equipment!

Convenient automatic hunting system
Free yourself from the pain of hunting with your hands!
A convenient automatic hunting system helps you hunt.

랜드오브스피릿 : 2D MMORPG

Single and online are available at the same time
Single mode when you want to quietly hunt alone!
If you want to play the game with multiple people, use multi-mode!
No matter where you play, all your information is in sync!

랜드오브스피릿 : 2D MMORPG

Immerse yourself in the 2D dot sensibility!
Sending you back to the 1990s!
Dark Dungeon Exploration! Gorgeous forest tour!
Hundreds of equipment, thousands of new outfits!

랜드오브스피릿 : 2D MMORPG

Role hunting for sharing
Priest, please give me a heel! Warrior’s aggro has been released!
Try performing the roles that are divided by occupation.
You can feel the power that grows stronger the more you are together.

랜드오브스피릿 : 2D MMORPG
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